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I’m Marianne Curphey, freelance financial journalist, investor, author and blogger. I have spent many years writing about how to manage your money and make it work harder.  My blog is about how to manage your money, run your own business and avoid common money mistakes.

I’ve written for many of the national newspapers and magazines and I was a staff writer and commissioning editor at The Times and The Guardian for many years before I went freelance. I write for magazines and newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, Psychologies and Ideal Home. I’ve won awards for my writing and I am regularly asked to be a guest blogger on other sites.

One of the main objectives of my blog is to get you thinking in alternative ways about providing for your own future – whether by changing career, investing money and saving for the future, setting up your own business, generating passive income or running a small business alongside your main day job.

I update my blog regularly with hints and tips to keep you ahead of the money game.

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